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The highlights of our town

We invite you to come and discover the charm of Tarbes’ old town, its narrow streets and its secrets.
Tarbes Tourisme - Office de Tourisme - Hautes-Pyrénées - Maison Natale du Maréchal Foch
The historic town centre of Tarbes is the ancient Medieval town that can be recognised by its cobbled streets, Tarbes cathedral and bishop’s palace.
In the historic centre of Tarbes, you’ll be able to admire stone, marble and slate from the Pyrenees.
Come to the Place de Verdun to begin your exploration!


Marshall Foch’s childhood home

Venture inside and take in the unique atmosphere of this 18th-century house, Marshal Foch’s childhood home!

Look around you, from his childhood home, the famous Marshal Foch will guide you along the Rue de la Victoire and the houses with typical Pyrenean architecture.

In the footsteps of Théophile Gautier

On Rue Abbé Torné, admire the remarkable buildings such as the Lycée Impérial Théophile Gautier, named after the famous writer of ‘Captain Fracasse’, who was born in Tarbes town centre at n° 23 Rue Brauhauban.
This building became a Lycée Impérial (imperial high school) in 1853, and in the 1900s it was extended and today, brick is the dominant material of the building’s architecture.
Did you know?
The school is named after Théophile Gautier but he was never actually a student here since ‘Théo’ left Tarbes at the age of 3.

Don’t judge this area by its appearance, on summer evenings, the terrace areas in front of the surrounding restaurants certainly liven up the area!

Tarbes Tourisme - Office de Tourisme - Hautes-Pyrénées - Maison Natale du Maréchal Foch

The area around the Prefecture

When you arrive in the historic town centre, Vieux Tarbes, admire the Place du Général de Gaulle where you’ll see evidence of each period throughout history thanks to the architectural works of art, including the 12th-century cathedral with various architectural styles, the former bishop’s palace that is now used as the Prefecture office building and opposite, the new bishopric.

Tarbes Cathedral

Tarbes Cathedral was mainly built in a Romanesque style, but has been subject to countless architectural modifications over the years and has mots of surprises on offer.

Venture inside to see the Baroque-style canopy and Louis XVI’s testament, but that is not all… when you leave onto the town square, can you spot the cloister?

Tarbes Tourisme - Office de Tourisme - Hautes-Pyrénées - Cathédrale de Tarbes

The Haras de Tarbes

Not far from there, come and visit the Haras de Tarbes and find out about the secrets and history of this exceptional place, created under the orders of Napoleon: Empire-style stables, collection of horse-drawn carriages, vast tack room, Maison du Cheval and much more. It is an exceptional place to come and explore as a family!

Raoul and Cécile will tell you all about the history and unveil the secrets of these stables with Empire-style architecture, the collection of horse-drawn carriages, a vast tack room and the magnificent Maison du Cheval.

Depending on the day, you might even see Laurent, the farrier, working iron in his forge or Anouck Sirvent, artist in residence and you can watch the horses at work in the military section or the mounted police of Tarbes.

A garden and museum…both extraordinary

You can’t possibly leave Tarbes without going for a stroll around Massey Gardens
classified a ‘Remarkable Garden’, which was in fact donated to the town by Placide Massey,
the king’s landscape gardener in Versailles.

You’ll be intrigued by the impressive Moorish-style tower of Musée Massey and the one-of-a-kind collections devoted to the Hussars are most definitely worth a visit!

As you enter Massey Gardens, you’ll pass in front of Le Carmel
and you can admire this former convent transformed into a top-quality exhibition venue.

Jardin Massey - Le musee Massey

Added bonus

For a personalised sightseeing tour, contact us!
Follow the heritage trail marked with studs on the ground and available on the Tarbes Tourisme application.
You’ll learn lots of fascinating facts about the heritage sites of Tarbes!

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Learn about our historic background and the treasures of our local heritage

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Welcome to Tarbes, the town is full of exceptional, historic places! Let us surprise you with our rich cultural and historic heritage. Choose what you’d like to see while you’re here. You’ll see, the town has lots of surprises up its sleeve!


The Haras de Tarbes

If we were to be told the story of the history of Tarbes, it would always come back to the Haras (stud farm).


The museums

Whether you come alone or as a family, whether you’re looking for art, nature or heritage, there’s always something to do in Tarbes.


Heritage sites

History and the heritage trail, from the past to the present day.