Activitiesand leisure

Explore the area!

Take a stroll around Tarbes and explore the area!
We’ve got some ideas for you for sightseeing tours to make sure you don’t miss anything.
Whether you’re alone or with friends or family, choose which one you’d like to follow, and you’ll soon want to stay a while longer…

Half a day

Combine gastronomy, nature and heritage sites for an all-round exploration of Tarbes that is guaranteed to surprise you. Whether you come alone or with your family, just half a day is long enough to convince you to stay in Tarbes a while longer!


Full day

Learn all about our history by wandering the streets and discovering our town’s unique heritage sites.
Come and meet the locals of Tarbes and visit our museums and churches…



While staying in Tarbes, you’re guaranteed surprises and new discoveries.
Our charming town has everything that you could possibly dream of for a two-day weekend break!


A Week

Fancy an enjoyable week away in Tarbes? Then what are you waiting for… Tarbes is a modestly-sized town that is quiet and peaceful.



You’re free to explore the town at your own pace so come and browse our great ideas for visiting Tarbes, and let us surprise you!


As a couple

For a romantic stay in Tarbes or to explore the town with a friend, it’s the perfect opportunity for some quality time together! Here is a selection of our offers, you’re sure to find something that suits you!


As a family

To make sure the whole family enjoys your stay here, browse our ideas to find inspiration and make new memories together! Everyone will have fun in Tarbes!


As a group

Come and explore the capital of the Bigorre region! Here are our ideas for themed sightseeing tours, to explore the various sites. Choose the one that suits you best, combine the tours, and you’re sure to have a great time in Tarbes!