The Heritage Trail

Follow the studs!
The Heritage Trail will guide you from Cours Reffye to Brauhauban market, via the historic town centre of Tarbes
and around the main points of interest in the town’s history, to learn all about the history of Tarbes using modern technology.
The studs on the ground mark the way and your smartphone and our application Tarbes Tourisme will be your guide!

As you explore the town, there are informative signs at each of the points of interest along the Heritage Trail. Alternatively, you can find the information by downloading it here!

The churches

Among the heritage sites of Tarbes, there are some surprising religious buildings. Come and explore these monuments that have stood through the centuries, the various eras and have sometimes witnessed a rather eventful, fascinating past…

Marshal Foch’s childhood home

Come and visit this house in the historic town centre of Tarbes, admire the architecture that is characteristic of the Pyrenees, and take in the special atmosphere that tells the story of its past.

Massey Gardens

Massey Gardens is listed as a ‘Jardin Remarquable’ and is the favourite garden of the locals. This wonderful 11-hectare garden boasts countless species and flowerbeds full of colourful flowers, for a botanical tour around the world.

Our local markets

Come and taste our local products on the markets, the place to be for local farmers and producers, and a historic experience. There is a great atmosphere here and you’ll see lots of people wearing the traditional beret!