Culture, museumsand heritage sites

Heritage sites

History and the heritage trail, from the past to the present day, will lead you on a tour of some remarkable buildings, surprising churches and countless fountains and statues, all evidence of how Tarbes has evolved through the ages.
You can also see street art throughout the town, so as you wander the streets, make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

Some history

Tarbes, the capital of the department


The statues

The town of Tarbes has a rich and fascinating historic and cultural heritage.


The heritage trail

Follow the studs on the ground!


Remarkable buildings

Tarbes…, an open-air concentration of urban architecture!


The churches

Among the superb heritage sites of Tarbes, there are some remarkable religious buildings.


Frescoes, fountains and street art

In every period throughout history, artists have left their mark in our towns, and these beautiful creations can be seen every day.


The Haras de Tarbes (stud farm)

If we were to be told the story of the history of Tarbes, it would always come back to the Haras (stud farm)…


Halle Marcadieu

The biggest farmers’ market in the south west of France is right here in Tarbes!