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Tarbes is a great place to live and there’s always something going on!
The artistic and cultural scene of Tarbes is full of entertainment and events for everyone in a diverse range of venues that are well worth the visit…

Les Nouveautés Theatre

Municipal theatre

This Italian-style theatre was built in 1885, and there are stalls, three balconies, a stage and an orchestra pit. The vaulted ceiling inside this show venue has been decorated with a fresco, depicting Roman god Bacchus in all his splendour. Thanks to the entrance hall with decorative friezes, bronze statues and caryatid pillars, the foyer with decorative pictures of muses from the 18th century, 500 seats, sound and technical equipment, this theatre is a popular choice for various performances, a real treasure chest in the town centre of Tarbes.

Contact details

44 rue Larrey – 65000 TARBES

+33 5 62 93 30 93

Disabled access: YES

Le Pari

Artistic workshop

The PARI first opened in 2004 and is a cultural centre in Tarbes town centre, entirely devoted to all sorts of creation: theatre, dance, modern dance, music, French songs, etc.

The centre welcomes companies or groups of artists on residency programmes for 3 to 6 weeks. At the end of these programmes, their creations are presented to the public in a series of representations. The PARI is an artistic workshop and these residency programmes can help the creators and artists access the public domain through exhibitions, public rehearsals, conferences about the artist in residence, etc.


21 rue Georges Clémenceau – 65000 TARBES

+33 5 62 51 12 00

Disabled acces: YES

Le Parvis

Scène Nationale for Tarbes-Pyrénées

Le Parvis is a Scène Nationale in the town of Ibos (8 km from Tarbes) in the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées urban community, devoted to performing arts, contemporary art and independent films. This venue represents all sorts of artistic creation, with children’s shows and shows suitable for the whole family in a 750-seat cinema that is comfortable and well-equipped. The venue also organises various events and representations outside its walls, throughout the department.

Contact details

Route de Pau – 65420 IBOS

+33 5 62 90 08 55

Disabled access: YES

La Gespe

Scène de Musiques Actuelles

La Gespe is a concert venue with 1,000 seats, 150 on the balconies, and two rehearsal areas.

This is the only ‘Scène de Musiques Actuelles’ (Current Music Venue) in the Hautes-Pyrénées, and the programme is varied.

The goal of La Gespe is to create a place where current music creations can be promoted and performed, in response to the cultural demand in Tarbes, as well as a place that satisfied the needs of local artists in terms of support and space (residency, rehearsals).

Contact details

23 rue Paul Cézanne – 65000 TARBES

+33 5 62 51 32 98

The Conservatoire Henri Duparc

in the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées urban community

This is a public educaiton service for performing arts, primarily devoted to the study and practice of music and choreography, using various content from a range of disciplines related to theatre arts and performing arts. There are 46 classrooms and a 210-seat show venue.

Contact details

25 rue Larrey – 65000 TARBES

+33 5 62 56 37 30

Disabled access: YES

The Petit Théâtre Maurice Sarrazin

Maison des Associations Adour

This venue is used for theatre workshops, shows and concerts held by associations, whether they are members of the Maison des Associations or not.

It was named ‘Petit théâtre Maurice Sarrazin’ after the founding actor from the Grenier de Toulouse company in 1945, who worked to promote and support the professions linked to performing arts, contemporary creation and for the decentralisation and defence of live cultural venues throughout the local area.

Contact details

Maison des Associations – 4bis Quai de l’Adour– 65000 TARBES

+33 5 62 93 56 19

The Celtic Pub

Celtic PuB Is Not a PuB, what else then? It will be whatever you want it to be.
Being in Tarbes and missing out on the Celtic PuB is like going to Jericho and missing out on the wall, or to the Vatican and missing out on the Pope, or to Dallas and missing out on J.F.K: it’s
It’s completely absurd!

No less than 200 concerts a year, music of all styles, emerging and established bands, local stars and New York crooners, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at the Celtic Pub, which is not just a pub.

Contact details

1 rue de l’Harmonie – 65000 TARBES

CeltiCPuB IsNotaPuB

CeltiCPuB IsNoTaPuB

Tarbes Expo Pyrénées Congrès

The Parc des Expositions exhibition centre in Tarbes is a major events venue in the Pyrenees, where shows, trade fairs, circuses, forums and conferences are organised in the 4 reception halls and venues, representing a surface area of almost 30,000m².

Contact details

Boulevard du Président Kennedy– 65000 TARBES

+33 9 72 11 00 30

Disabled access: YES

The Méga CGR cinema

The Méga CGR cinema in Tarbes has 11 screens (including an ICE screen) that are all air-conditioned, with giant screens and 3D digital projectors. There is also a cinema-café space and an area with video games in a spacious entrance hall. There are preview showings, events and rooms that can be hired for private functions in this national cinema chain for the general public.

Contact details

Ancien Arsenal – Avenue des Forges – 65000 TARBES

Tel: +33 892 688 588


Disabled access: YES