Musée Massey

Musée Massey can be found at the centre of Massey Gardens in the former Moorish-style residence of famous botanist Placide Massey,
with an observation tower overlooking the Pyrennes that is most definitely worth the detour, for a photo!
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The Musée International des Hussards

A one-of-a-kind collection that the whole family will enjoy!

The museum will take visitors 400 years back through history with more than 15,000 objects on display, showcasing the period of the Hussars, that remain even today, one of the most unique and distinctive types of light cavalrymen.

What exactly is a Hussar?

This designation of elite light cavalrymen first appeared in Hungary in the 16th century (1545) and then spread throughout Europe and even to several countries across the Americas in the 17th century.
The highlights of the visitor’s tour showcase the strategic originality that led to the creation of the ‘Hussar phenomenon’, then its expansion across the globe between the 16th and 20th century. The origin of the Hussars remains rooted in Hungarian identity, and Tarbes has taken on the role of keeping this tradition alive for France.

The ‘Hussar’ style is still very much sought-after!

The collection includes a spectacular display of 150 models portrayed in full uniform, alongside busts, items of clothing and equipment, portraying just how rich and diverse this traditional fashion is, that originated with these cavalrymen who have proudly worn it for over four centuries.
The hussar ‘pelisse’ over-jacket and busby have survived through the centuries and fashion designers are still inspired by this style today!


The Musée des Beaux-Arts

A selection of the most characteristic masterpieces

Achille Jubinal, art collector and MP for the Hautes-Pyrénées, is behind the fine arts collection of Musée Massey from the 19th century.
This collection is renewed on a regular basis and includes some major Dutch and Flemish artworks from the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as some French pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Visitors will be able to come and admire the masterpieces of the collection in a themed tour centred around mythology and religious art.

.Some of the artworks from the museum’s reserves are presented at the temporary exhibitions.

LE MUSEE DES BEAUX-ARTS (Photos) - encart CMS Régulièrement renouvelée, cette collection rassemble des œuvres majeures de l'école italienne et des écoles hollandaises et flamandes des XVIème et XVIIème siècles ainsi que des écoles françaises des XVIIIème et XIXème siècles.

Events at the Musée Massey

Some great opportunities to learn something new

All year round, there are workshops suitable for children and for the whole family (adapted for the visually impaired) and guided tours.

A closer look at the museum’s workshops:
These artistic workshops are a great opportunity for children and teenagers to come and try their hand at various techniques including drawing and painting, and they’ll be exploring the museum at the same time.
These little artists will also see what its like to be art adventurers!
There are also family workshops where the parents and grandparents can come and create an artwork together with the children.
An original way to discover the museum as a family!

All year round, you can make a booking for group tours (with a tour guide or self-guided tour), available in French, English and Spanish.

Bookings are compulsory


Added bonus

A fun games booklet for visiting the museum as a family!
With this games booklet, children can visit the museum independently. The museum’s mascot, Placide the squirrel, will guide the children and invite them to observe, read and write as they wander around the collections. A surprise will be waiting for them at the front desk at the end of their visit.

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Contact details

Access the museum via the north entrance to Massey Gardens
Rue Achille Jubinal – 65000 Tarbes

Icone Téléphone

+33 5 62 44 36 95

Icone Email

Tarbes Tourisme - Icone site internet

Opening hours

1 October to 30 April
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm
Closed on 25 December and 1 January

2 May to 30 September
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6.30pm
Closed on May 1st


Tarbes Tourisme - Icone visite de groupe

Tours for groups

Tarbes Tourisme - Icone Durée de la visite

Approximate duration: 1.5 hours

Tarbes Tourisme - Icone Accès HandicapésDisabled access: YES
Access the 1st floor using the lift at the main entrance
Wheelchairs are available at the reception desk.

Tarbes Tourisme - Icone Animaux acceptés

Pets allowed: NO


Guided tour

Full: €5 / person (including entrance to Maison Foch)

Group of at least 10 people: €2.50 / person

Free: Under 18s, job seekers, students

Free: the first Sunday of every month

Free: on Wednesdays for a adult with at least one child

Family day pass: €5 / 2 adults + children

Museums annual pass: €10 / person (admission to all the museums of Tarbes)


Children’s workshop: free

Family workshop: €10

Workshop suitable for all, adapted to the visually impaired: €2

Guided tour (group of 25 people max): €25

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