Explore thearea!

Great, it’s raining!

It’s rare, but possible!
Take advantage of the opportunity to go and visit our museums and other sites and monuments.
It is the perfect moment to learn more about Tarbes!
Choose the activity that suits you, as a family, as a couple or alone!​
A voir, à faire à Tarbes, Chouette il pleut !

Historic museums


Come and learn about Marshal Foch in his childhood home or about the iconic Hussars at Musée Massey.

Cultural venues


Do you like discovering new artists?
There are countless exhibition venues in Tarbes.
Or maybe you’d prefer to go and watch the latest comedy film in the afternoon or morning at the Méga CGR or watch a film in the original version at the Parvis Cinéma!


Indoor leisure activities

How about having some fun?
Escape room, laser tag or trampolining, choose an activity and blow off some steam, even if it’s raining outside!
Find out more from our recommendations for indoor activities

Religious art

Fans of heritage sites, come and visit the churches of Tarbes and the surprising Cathedral to admire its many transformations over the years.

To find out more about our suggestions for going out and staying dry: contact us!

Added bonus

To go sightseeing without getting wet: use the free, 100% electric shuttle service!

If you still have some time to spare…

Is the sun piercing through the clouds? Then it’s time for a spot of shopping!
Our two shopping streets are reserved for pedestrians, lined with flowers and very pleasant.