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For families

To make sure there’s something to suit all family members, come and browse our selection to find inspiration and make new memories together!


7 good reasons to come to Tarbes and stay as long as possible!



There are countless exhibitions organised in Tarbes, some of them conventional, some futuristic, international or regional. The choice is yours!


Outdoor leisure activities

Walks or leisure activities, come and get some exercise and fresh air in the great outdoors!


Indoor activities

Our selection of indoor activities will awaken your inner adventurer! Browse our ideas to have fun and experience some extreme thrills.


Show venues

Tarbes is a great place to live and there’s always something going on!


Great, it's raining!

Is it raining? It’s rare but possible!


Carriage rides

You’ll enjoy this atypical and educational ride through the gardens, to the clippety-clopping of the horses’ hooves!


Our guided tours

Welcome to Tarbes, to some exceptional, historic places!