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Tarbes by night

What are we doing tonight in Tarbes? Let this town surprise you…
Dance, spend some quality time with friends, laugh at a comedy show, go to one of our festivals…
How you spend your enjoyable evenings is entirely up to you, all year round!

Curtains up!


There are so many show venues in Tarbes with an original and top-quality programme, and something for everyone: shows for the whole family, for a more informed audience and eclectic styles!

Come and have a good laugh at a ‘boulevard theatre’ production,
Discover contemporary creations at our artistic workshop,
See some internationally renowned artists at the Parvis Scène Nationale,
Treat yourself to a laugh with a stand-up comedian,
Enjoy a concert in a musical style of your choice (jazz, rock, rap, pop) at one of our  smaller, more intimate venues or in a bar in the evening.


A welcoming town of south-west France!


Tarbes is very close to Spain, and so we know where the town gets its festive spirit from.

Late afternoon, come to the town centre, near Halle Brauhauban market and the Place de Verdun for an enjoyable evening drink and tapas.
As a couple, come and treat yourselves to a fine-dining experience with local specialities and from spring, there’s nothing better than dining al fresco, out on the terrace!

If you don’t want your evening to end, there are several festive establishments from the Brauhauban neighbourhood to the Place de Verdun, and then you can continue until the early hours in the new Arsenal district…

Etal 36 by night©Etal 36
Cinéma Méga CGR by night©Pixbynot


Arsenal, the place to be!


This is the ideal festive destination, full of trendy bars where you can have a drink and dance into the early hours.

There are also leisure activities for the whole family here, including the cinema, escape room, laser tag and a special virtual reality version of laser tag.


Tarbes, town of festivals


From spring onwards, there are some major events held here, some of them known across the globe…

At the beginning of June, the international polyphony festival, Tarba en Canta, is held in the town’s churches and cafés.
At the end of June, make sure you’ve got something red and yellow to wear for the Fêtes de Tarbes festivities.

At the end of July, come to the Haras (stud farm) where you’ll be taken aback by the Equestria festival,
showcasing the magic of horses and the arts.

Mid-August, you’ll be whisked away into the ‘caliente’ atmosphere of Buenos Aires for Tarbes en Tango, the international Argentinian tango festival.

Added bonus

Browse the full events’ calendar to plan your evenings in Tarbes! Put the dates in your diaries! Are you ready? It’s time for some fun!